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Smith Stabilizer Pro Wrist Hypno rannesuoja

Smith Stabilizer Pro Wrist Hypno rannesuoja

Supports are constructed of vented neoprene with a reinforced binding and a close-fitting micro synthetic neoprene palm to give it a glove-like feel. Fits easily under your gloves and offers reliable wrist support and protection for mountain bikers, snowboarders, skateboarders, or derby girls. High-density, impact-resistant splints positioned on front and back of wrists for support. 

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Reinforced double-stitching throughout. Signature Smith Elastic support strap with soft inside lining for comfort.  Palm splint for coverage and energy disbursement.

  • Level 2 Rated Protection
  • Constructed to align with hand's shape and contour for extended comfort and fit
  • Extra thick splint
  • Reinforced double stitching for increased longevity
  • Ballistic nylon construction to ensure durability
  • Three adjustable velcro straps
  • Hand wash to clean
  • Sizing - Manufacturer does not provide sizing, IW recommended sizing:
    • (Measure Circumference at Wrist Joint):
      • S = less than 16,5cm
      • M = 16,5 - 17,8cm
      • L = 17,8 - 21,5cm
      • XL = 21,5cm and larger

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