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Bont Vaypor Carbon - Matte Black/White

Bont Vaypor Carbon - Matte Black/White

This boot, with its sleek, modern and unique design is described as “the best boot money can buy”

Lightweight and semi-customable, you can make this boot your very own for an ultimate skate experience. These customizations include:

*Wide or narrow fit.
*One foot longer than the other (eg. you can order a size 7 right foot and a size 8 left foot).
*Skinny ankles (we cut the trim where the eyelets are punched back so you have more room to tighten your boots).
*Add or remove carbon for more or less flex
*U-ankle — a low cut ankle that may allow more flexibility, but note it is not for everyone and can cause your ankle to slip up and down

Additional features include:
*Heat moldable and anatomically designed for a perfect, ergonimic fit
*Ventilated TPU Toe protector
*Durable memory foam padding

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